How can we
help you?.

What do I need to start my project?

Just fill out your contact details on the website or reach out to us via the contact details on the website. We’ll schedule a meeting to understand your requirements and will run you through our company, team & packages. Once we finalise the deal, we’ll proceed with the budget discussed.

What should I expect from my free design consultation?

You’ll be meeting our Architect, who will understand your requirements. For the first design consultation, we suggest you select designs from our website for inspiration, and be prepared to discuss your requirements, your lifestyle and personality in detail with our Architect. We also suggest you go through our vast repository of designs on our website and shortlist the designs you like.

What is the process after the deal gets finalised?

After the initial proposal, we receive 2% of estimated project cost as advance.
Once we receive advance, our architect will understand your detailed requirements and finalize the design. An accurate BoQ(Bill of Materials) is calculated and agreement is signed which will include the details on the exact price with payment schedule, no price escalation clauses and warranty clauses including other important clauses. And then we’ll kick start the work.

Can I select or work with Architect of my choice?

Of course! We have a list of reputed architects tied up with us for designing your home, we will be happy to connect with any architect of your choice even if he/she is not tied up with us.

How many design iterations can I request?

There’s no limit to the number of iterations you can request. However, please be aware that each revision will affect project timelines.

A brand/product from my specifications is now out of stock. What do I do?

You can choose any alternate product of same price or use the budget elsewhere in your project.

Who will manage my project?

A Project Manager will be your SPOC for all construction at your site. He is assisted by our supervisor, quality control and procurement team. Trust us, you’re in good hands!

Will I need to manage any labour or sub-contractor?

No. You wouldn’t need to talk to anyone except Project Manager.

How do I receive updates on my home project? Do I have to regularly visit the site?

No you don’t have to necessarily visit the site. You’ll receive all the updates about your dream project via WhatsApp groups We’ll keep you in the loop about all the work progressing at your site.

Who will be supervising the site work everyday?

Project Manager & Supervisor.

My project is taking longer than expected. What do I do?

We commit the project timelines before hand and have success rate of delivering 95% of the projects in the said timeline. We typically complete a 2000 sq ft villa in 8-10 months.

Who will audit the quality of the project?

A dedicated in-house team at Cendrol is tasked with regularly auditing the quality of your site — to ensure smooth installation of your home project. Our audit team troubleshoots and weeds out any non-performing service partners and blacklist them. Apart from this, your designer will also be closely monitoring your project progression, quality of site work and will keep you abreast.

Who do I contact in case of escalations?

You can reach out to your Project Manager, Business Development Manager. You can also reach out to Rahul, Cendrol’s CEO anytime for any concerns. We will share contact details during initial meeting.

Does Cendrol offer a warranty / guarantee?

Yes, we offer 50 years warranty on super structure & sub-structure.

What are the payment terms like?

The payment structure follows a break up at different stages based on the progress of your project and the tasks that follow-
Pay us 2% advance at the start of the project after which design is finalized.
Once the agreement is done, we will have staggered payments across the construction period.