How does Cendrol really help? In the limelight – our first ever client

Before engulfing you into what Cendrol does and how we might as well tell you the story of Ajay – one of the first few people who believed in us.

Not only did he take a big leap of faith, but he also cemented the belief we hold in our vision. Before I ramble further in gratitude, I’ll step back and tell you his story. 

Ajay, a 36-year old Software Architect by profession, came to us two years ago. When he first walked in, he was overwhelmed by the monstrosity of the commitment he had made by purchasing a 4000 sq ft. land in Jigani near Electronic City, Bengaluru. 

I remember my grandmother telling me that she sat at a site every day for 15 months to oversee the construction of her first house. Here, I digress. But with most people devoid of this luxury of time, home construction can be truly daunting.  

He and his wife both had jobs and were frantically looking for something that would make the construction process simpler. As luck would have it, he stumbled on our website and spoke to us with nothing but a picture in mind. A picture he had created many, many years ago, replete with a great job, a dream house, a comfortable porch and a rocking chair to while his golden years away. 

Of course, the question stuck – how does Cendrol fit into this picture? Well, just as we told him then, Cendrol provides the expertise to construct your dream house we’d love for you to eventually call home. 

Soothed by the fact that the central man at Cendrol had an experience of ~5 years and 25000+ sqft of home construction, Ajay opened up to us. He was unsure about what the property would look like. All the architects he had got in touch with were freakishly expensive. He also did not have the time to ponder over all the processes involved in building a house and ensuring QCT – quality, cost and time. Of course, he had a budget he wanted to strictly adhere to so could not waste resources into going for any deal that came his way. 

He decided to have us onboard after speaking to Rahul and getting the assurance that Cendrol will be actively involved in all the stages of house construction. From getting government approvals, arranging for bank loans to finding the right architect and interior designer. 

From the time Ajay bought the land till a year after the construction was complete, we were at his beck and call. That’s how much our commitment meant to us. 

Soon, we got Ajay in touch with one of our featured architects who translated the loose ideas in his head of his house to a concrete image. He wanted a four-bedroom villa with three bathrooms, two balconies, a beautiful porch and a lush green garden. In no time just this description was converted into a workable design. Enter Ajay’s mother who wanted to make sure the house was Vastu friendly. Well, after a few tweaks, Ajay’s first residential purchase had a face he was ecstatic about. 

Ajay was also pretty concerned about hiring a contractor – one of the main things that had driven him our way. A contractor is the main lead in such a project. His suit of responsibilities includes arranging for the labourers, procuring quality material, ensuring the construction is done on time and within the allocated budget and overseeing the whole process. He also interacts with multiple stakeholders at each stage – government officials, plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter, vendors etc. Can you imagine how much effort would go into doing this all by yourself?

The more the crucial responsibilities, the more should be accountability. Sadly, this is not what really happens. With no representative to oversee the construction, you completely rely on the contractor who sees an increasing number of opportunities to do shoddy construction work and make money. 

We did all of this for Ajay – not the shoddy work – but everything else. We handled multiple stakeholders and by providing real-time access with construction updates (with pictures too) to Ajay, we were able to assure him of outstanding quality, reasonable costing and bang on timing. 

Ajay was also able to track the material consignment – where it was from and at what cost it was purchased. Though he had agreed on vitrified tiling on all floors, he switched his preference to wooden flooring in the last minute – a request we incorporated into construction as easily as his change of mind. 

Once the construction was complete with all the electric fittings, plumbing accessories and luxurious closets, we went on with Ajay to hunt down the interior designer who would convert that house into his family’s comfortable space.

Started as just a fleeting idea, in a year the house was a beautiful marvel with the most state-of-the-art design. A true head-turner in the locality, Ajay shifted into the place even before he could switch to the office closer to the new home. 

We too were invited to his housewarming party and we felt a plethora of emotions – happiness, pride, peace and an undeterred resolve to spread more smiles. Watching Ajay’s family revel in their first investment with such happiness meant the most to us. 

Cendrol also ensured Ajay of future help with a post-construction warranty certificate, 1-year free maintenance and a 25-year structural warranty. We told him that if something comes up, a service person would visit his house within 48 hours of reporting the issue. After many such projects and happy housewarming parties, the emotions we experience have stayed the same but the drive to deliver has surprisingly only increased manifolds. 

A big shout out to Ajay and his family for taking the leap of faith. Here’s to constantly hoping that the house beckons the best memories for everybody! 

10 things before Buying your first real estate land in Bangalore

Doing well in your career and want to stash some of that income in property? Well done! 

Buying a residential land is no easy decision. But in our experience very few come to regret it. It’s one of the, if not the safest investment options; the price of land very rarely sees a drop. 

The first step is zeroing down on the city – well here we assume if you’re reading this article Bangalore is your target place. 

But before you get excited to reach for the checkbook, there are probably a few questions you should ask your developer to make sure your land is worth your hard-earned money.

Is the title of the land clear

Before you go blazing with all checks out, make sure that the ownership of the land is crystal clear. The documents furnaced should all be original and the land should be free from any liens – to make sure there is no one out there who is claiming it to be in their name directly or indirectly. 
Know whether whoever is selling you this land has the legal rights to do so or not. It is surprising how Natwarlaal was able to sell the Taj Mahal to people with money. Due diligence everyone. 

Is the land litigation free

First thing to make sure is that the land you’re interested in has no litigation pending by any third party. Check with the Bangalore Development Authority and municipal corporation. Also ask the developer to furnish the requisite documents and verify the veracity of all of them. 

Where is the NA order

All land in India is agricultural land unless specified otherwise. Before you think of using it for any other purpose, you need to look for that piece of paper by the government that says the land is NA – Residential. 

Also be pretty cautious about the “Proposed NA” schemes. Some builders would try and sell you a non-NA land under the disguise of Proposed NA, which means that he has initiated the process of conversion. Don’t fall for that gimmick even if there’s a chance he’s not lying. There are many many approvals that go into the conversion process. A land with NA already is any day a much better bet. 

If you build your dream house, what will the taxes be like

Before buying a land, make sure you take into account all the costs – construction, development, legal etc. Another important aspect is understanding the property taxes that will be levied once you become the fortunate owner of the land. 

How big a house will you be eligible to construct

That will all be dependent on the Floor Space Index (FSI) which states how much construction can be done on a piece of land. It depends on the location of the plot.

FSI of 100% means that on a 1000 sq. ft land, you’re eligible to build a 1000 sq. ft plot. If FSI is 70%, you’d be able to utilise 700 sq. ft of it. 

Are you prepared to wait long term before really seeing the benefit of ownership

This is more in tunes of introspection. Once you have made the decision – do not rush into it. Sit on it for a while to think about the why of everything. Can you afford to secure the loan? Can you benefit from renting more than building your own house? Are you willing to wait out a few years to reap the maximum benefit of the price appreciation. 

Unlike an apartment, the returns on a land piece come pouring in much later and you need to have that patience to reap the real rewards. 

Are you comfortable with the area and your future neighbourhood

This sounds much too obvious. So obvious that some people skip this step entirely. You are building a house as opposed to purchasing an apartment. You will not have the luxury to just abandon your house if you are not comfortable with the location. 

Your area will be permanent and so will your neighbourhood. Make sure it’s safe, promising, has a future upside and a lovely homely feel for your family to reside in. 

How is the provision of all things basic out there

Electricity, water supply, mobile network, sunlight, gas supply, pharma, ventilation, wifi connection etc. It’s no longer possible to compromise on any of these no matter where you decide to buy the land. Just check thoroughly that you have access to all of these. 

Check on the 7/12 Uttara

7/12 Uttara is the document that is maintained by the revenue department which mentions how the land has moved from one owner to another in the last 30 years. Make sure you get a copy of it before jumping in on it. 

Is the piece of land flat

This might sound funny but oftentimes the land is not purely flat. You would not want to pull off a Lily and Marshall from HIMYM and drain your life’s savings on a tilted piece of land. 

Mind you a slope is not always bad. If accounted for, it can help you in more ways than one. The important words being – if accounted for. 

To conclude 

A risky investment can completely derail your family’s financial planning – now that’s something we believe no one should mess around with. 

Our country is replete with stories of people who lost all their lives’ savings in a bad real estate investment. The court cases go on for years, the title never gets transferred, the same land is sold multiple times – please don’t get greedy and lured away in a deal that sounds too good to be true – because high chances are that it is too good to be true! 

We will soon launch a list of all the important tips to smoothen your journey. So watch this space out for more. 

Why hiring an Amazing Architect is an Investment that actually pays off.

So you’ve finally decided to move into a new home.

Kudos on that! 

Let me paint a picture of your weekends now. You’re drooling over Pinterest & Instagram all day & night long trying to take inspiration (read copy) from your favourite architectural firms.

But what about actually making it all happen?

You’re lost in finding multiple design options, building codes, zoning laws, contractors..the list never ends. And your cozy oasis never actually sees the light of day. 

Well, it’s no secret that a little assistance can go miles to help you build your abode. 

An Architect can pull your imagined look together & make sure that the transformation process for your dream home is as enjoyable as the final look. (without killing your bank account). 

They indeed understand the science behind the entire design & construction process and are pros in creating homes that satisfy functional needs while being exciting, dynamic spaces.

Still not convinced that an Architect holds the magic wand?

Read on- 

Get access to some of the best-kept secrets in design 

Designing a home is a holy matrimony between science & art. And architects with their creativity & extreme attention to detail; be it efficient floor plans, proper building orientation and location along with careful material selection can see the bigger picture that we can easily miss.

They are trained to understand the mantras of design & construction that finally creates a home that is not only Instagram- worthy but is a space that enhances your mental well being & productivity. 

Other points- You will know which designs are feasible locally & in your budget

You’ll score the best deals with awesome discounts 

Well, one of the biggest perks of having an architect on board is saving tons of money

They build your home more efficiently and economically. Not only can their drawings be changed easily on paper as you change your ideas but also their drawings make it far more easier for the contractor to accurately price and build your project

Also, you can stay assured that you’ll get hands on the best quality available. They have an eye for choosing materials and finishes that are durable as well as beautiful, saving on frequent maintenance and replacement costs. Their knowledge of advances in roofing, brick work, floor tiling, paint finishes, etc.make them a perfect bridge for working alongside the contractor, engineers, and consultants. This makes a huge difference when it comes to design decisions and field changes.

You’ll save time for the things that you love 

Let’s face it. We are always in a race against time. And designing your home won’t happen in a snap. 

From helping you in making your house energy efficient to designing the house that adheres to the ‘vastu’, architects are the perfect craftsmen. By handing the reign to them you can finally get time to read your favourite book or hit the gym. 

You can enjoy the overall transformation experience of your home rather than breaking your head on the things that you don’t really get. 

You can earn a tidy profit ( If you ever move on from your happy place)

We know you’ll never want to move from your cozy nest but sometimes life happens & that’s what you have to do. 

Because you have a well-designed home that not only looks gorgeous but is great in functionality we assure you your house will sell itself at a greater price than the other houses on your street with no extra effort. 

The professional assessment pays off in the longer run too. 

You’ll have a place that screams YOU from every corner 

While you love following trends, I am sure you would want a personality-filled space that feels like home. 

Your home should be able to tell a story, your life story! We believe it reflects your individuality & should be filled with bits & pieces of your soul. 

That’s what we take pride here at Cendrol, we understand the attachment to your home & we work hard to create a space that you’ll fall in love with. 

So, let’s build your dream home together? Connect with one of our expert architects today! 

CTA- Connect me now (with reputed architects in Bangalore)!