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Cendrol is a one-stop solution for everything you’ll need to build your dream-home.

The Story of Cendrol

We pride in being loved by the homeowners for making the construction process of their homes a breeze. Right from finding an architect to getting a contractor, we strive by building high-quality homes within the promised budget and timelines & taking people a step closer to their dreams.

Our Vision is to build beautiful, high-quality homes for everyone.

Delivering top-class construction services in Bangalore, Cendrol is a name that homeowners entrust with all aspects of construction projects, whether it’s quality, money, or time.


Rahul has the zeal to revolutionize the way people build homes - a trait that helps him keep the family tradition going. With a track record of building high-quality 45,000+ Sq.Ft in the city, Rahul brings together knowledge and empathy to give the customers what they desire the most - a seamless experience while building a high-quality & beautiful home that fits their budget

The Team Behind Beautiful Homes