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No need to look for an ‌architect,‌ ‌civil contractors,‌ ‌interior‌ ‌designer,‌ ‌material‌ ‌supplier,‌ ‌or a project‌ ‌manager‌. Get all of them at your fingertips with Cendrol.
People share their dreams. We work hard to make them real. ‌


We’ve curated a list of the most exquisite home designs - from floor planning to structural & 3D layouts - that meet your needs‌.

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Our construction experts will make sure your life’s biggest milestone is achieved on time and with materials you trust.‌

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Get access to exclusive deals from top real-estate developers in your city to make house-hunting a breeze.‌


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Huzefa & family USA

“Even being miles away in USA, Rahul kept us in the loop about everything that involved building our dream home. Cendrol did an amazing job at it.”

Rohan Mahele

“Site engineer is always in the site working hard to get the work done. I am thankful for building within the time & budget promised with no issues or complaints till date.”

Murali New Zealand

“Right from helping us chose a site to delivering top-notch construction, Cendrol has been a great partner in the journey of building our home.”