Cendrol river sand comes with a promise

We at Cendrol value responsibility, and we express it by supplying physically and chemically tested, top-notch river sand to India’s construction industry.

river sand suppliers in Bangalore
  • Dust Free product

    Cendrol eliminates problems associated with m-sand, thus making structures more long-lasting.

  • Adulteration Free

    Our supervised packaging and quality tests ensure our sand is soil and clay free.

river sand suppliers in Bangalore
  • Lab Tested and approved

    The Bureau of Indian Standards and the Phytosanitary certification make us a reliable river sand supplier in Bangalore.

  • Seived

    We offer properly-sieved sand so that you don't have to waste your time sieving it again.

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Cendrol keeps environmental integrity intact by dredging only excess sand from river beds and curbing floods in the process. The use of recycled bags and water for packing and cleaning our sand shows our care for Mother Nature.

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